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Created 2013-08-23
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Title especially not to resist.&quot
Description The Russian business and deepened the mainland. Tea is the main goods overland trade, the Russian business with six brick tea in Hankou, and has branch in, Fuzhou, Russia and Mongolia area every year to nearly 9000000 pounds of tea. The Russian people Bouzid Neyev said: "after 1886, because of the competition, China Merchants annual loss. Siberia's largest tea Moeller Chanov operating in China, the naturalization City dozens of Chinese merchants broke." (Russian · Bouzid Neyev "and" Mongolia Mongols, 1898 Edition) thirty years Guangxu (1904), broke out in the land of China, the Chinese people suffered serious losses, according to statistics Guangxu thirty-three (1907), only the Shanxi businessmen, will lose more than 200 taels of silver a year. (Qing Dynasty archives, Shanxi governor Guangxu thirty-four years March 13th Memorial) due to the invasion of foreign capitalism, Shanxi banks and foreign banks have also been spoil. Governor Li Mianlin said: "China's more than the west provinces established exchange Zhuang, without taking into account TLP watches T305B - Men's Steel Watch the millions of money, layers of paper letters, a few words can be made for the telegraph, honour, every name old surplus not hundreds of thousands of dollars, but not a golden book....... In recent years, the business has also set up the bank, the Western business interests, slightly took China, wealth and a spillover of, especially not to resist." ("Shanxi Piaohao historical data", 1990 edition) as "soil iron before this province, big department from Shanxi Prefecture of Zezhou, now has almost completely replaced by tin, tin cost less than half soil iron." (Customs Trade report 1869 "·" in Yantai), foreign tobacco companies out everywhere merchants. If the package name to TLP watches T313W - Mens Classic White Face Dial Slim belt watch donate, in Shanxi Yuci, Taigu, "almost no sale of China tobacco". ("Tianjin Chamber of Commerce files selected" on page 1169, 1989 edition) even has powers to. As the center of Shanxi, the government in public places, Guangxu thirty-two years (1906) was Zhang Youxian with his. More abhorrent is foreign to the Chinese dumping opium, poison the Chinese people, the Chinese financial loss. Such as the so-called "Taigu gold" in Shanxi Taigu County, is one of Shanxi Piaohao's nest, "with the salty in Tian and human service Jia Valley, morning glory to Russia and Mongolia to half, loss". (the Republic of China "Taigu County Zhi") in addition, the capitalist countries selling opium to China, some businessmen opium, to "lose due to the rich, apathetic...... Business languished, YAN Dan pop. The county is an annual expenditure of about four million Yuan Yan dan". ("Mr. Yan Bochuan Chronicle" (a draft) Taiwan Business Edition) Secondly, corruption and civil strife, the feudal government of the. The government because of its feudal and conservative, stubborn, with one side, closed, backward, corrupt Qing Dynasty, especially the corruption and incompetence of the most incisive performance during the two Opium War, the Qing government signed the "" is the first in the history of modern China humiliate the country and forfeit its sovereignty, the Chinese claim territory, "", "" is the Qing government and the British law of Russia and the United States signed the surrender of sovereignty treaty signed Jia Wu war. After the Japanese invasion of China to hand. "Treaty" Sino German Kiaochow concession power expansion in china. To carve up China imperialism through the unequal treaties,).
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