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HD 2M COFDM wireless video receiver

,5.8GHz 5-8KM outdoor digital wireless access point system

COFDM modulation, Stable transmission
MPEG-2 video compression, DVD video quality 
Mobile and NLOS(Non line-of-sight) transmission
Great security by encryption of AES 128 bit/ALLTECH Basic Scrambling 
Low system latency
Modular design, compact structure, small cubage
Several wavebands available: VHF/L/ S
Strong casing with built-in cooling plates, waterproof and shockproof

Product Application:
The COFDM wireless transmission equipment are widely used in high speed mobile and NLOS environment, such as in  vehicle ,ship, helicopter ,UAV, railway, marine ,720P 1/3?? Progressive Scan Waterproof CCD High-speed IP PTZ dome camera,tunnel, etc.

HD 2M COFDM wireless video receiver

External   Yes $ 50,000.00

Long Range 5g Digital Wireless AV Transmitter

Product Description

ST-58T8Gdigital wireless bridge is long range outdoor wireless bridge, working frequency is 5GHz. With long transmission distance, can avoid unnecessary the roam among the access point. It assures the stability of wireless connection and decease the products quantity. 

It supports friendly user interface, including friendly distance control interface. Support convenient outdoor POE power supply. 
ST-58T8Gdigital wireless bridge support the newest encryption mechanism, including 64/128/152bit, WEB, WPA and WPA2. It is built-in 18dB panel antenna or external high gain antenna. It is the best wireless solution product for small and large scale projects.
Standards  Compliance IEEE  802.11a/n;   IEEE802.3;   IEEE802.3u
SDRAM 32  M  Byte
Flash 8  M  Byte
Radio  Frequency  Type OFDM
Modulation BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM(OFDM)
Frequency  Band IEEE  802.11a:
5.15  ~  5.25  GHz  (lower  band)
5.25  ~  5.35  GHz  (middle  band)
5.725  ~  5.825  GHz  (hi-band)
Transmission  Power IEEE  802.11a:   26dBm
Transmission  Rate 6/9/12/18/24/36/48/54/108  Mbps
Access  Point  Interfaces Auto  sensing  MDI/MDI-X  Ethernet  10/100Base-T  x  2:   RJ-45
Sensitivity IEEE  802.11a: -94dBm  @  6Mbps;   -74dBm  @  54Mbps,   PER< 10%
Antenna  Port N-type  female  /  External  high  gain  antenna  or  Integrated  18  dBi  directional  antenna
Security  Systems 64-bit/128-bit/152-bit  WEP  encryption;   WPA/  WPA2  (-PSK  or  -EAP  with  TKIP/AES  encryption);   802.1x  Authenticator,   EAP-PEAP/EAP-TTLS  support  for  client  mode;   Hide  SSID  in  beacons
Wireless  Setting Operation  Mode  –   AP/  Client  Bridge/  WDS ,Portable High Capacity Lithium Battery 2500mAh 12V; Bridge  PtP  and  PtMP  (up  to  16  links)/  Client  Router
Auto/Fixed  Channel  Selection  (Setting  varies  by  Country)
Adjustable  transmit  power  by  1dBm  step
Software/Firmware Site  Survey
DHCP  Server  /  Client
Suppressed  SSID
Profile  Isolation
Station  Separation
Spanning  Tree  settings
Wireless  access  control  by  MAC  address  filter  (up  to  50  fields)
Multiple  SSID  with  802.1q  VLAN  tagging  (up  to  4  SSIDs)
Web-based  configuration  via  popular  browser  (MS  IE,   Netscape^ )
Windows  " Locator"   program  to  help  find  IP  in  DHCP  client  mode
Firmware  upgrade  and  configuration  backup  via  Web  or  Telnet
Reset  to  default  by  WebUI
VPN  pass-through  (PPTP,   L2TP,   IPSEC)
SNMP  v1/v2c
MIB  support:   MIB  I,   MIB  II  (RFC-1213)  and  Private  MIB
Long  distance  transmission:   up  to1~30  Km  (ACK  timeout)
Support  Narrow  Bandwidth  5/10/20  MHz  adjustable
Support  PPPoE(Client  Router)  mode  and  PPTP
Ping  function  and  Trace ,5Km 2.4ghz outdoor wireless video transmitter and receiver; Route  function
Support  QoS(WMM)
Support  Time  settings
Operating  Environment Operating  Temperature: -30  ~  +70º C
Power  Passive  PoE  DC  18  Volt  +  5%;   20Watt  (Max. );   AC  adapter  AC  100V  ~  240V
Network  Management 
System  OS  Support
Windows  2000/XP/Vista  Home  Basic/Windows  7
Warranty One  year  limited 
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What is a camera wireless transmitter and receiver ? 

RJ45, voice input, voice output hole, DC power jack, Security keyholemethod of adjusting the camera camera wireless transmitter and receiver TFT material ( IPS technology) First, uninstall the original program system network design CameraImageSignalProcessor (ISP) -------- CameraProcessor (ISP) superposition of two systems rather than an organic complete system. One of its drawbacks will be a performance bottleneck (often reflected instreaming media server), the second is unable to do the true sense of global "deposit works" and therefore the future of Chile wireless cctv camera Second dismantle camera surveillance, perhaps as some drivers are malicious, some drivers greed, fear install monitor their driving behavior to be found illegal, so even install cameras on road safety is guaranteed, and the customer occurs when can play a role in protecting the personal safety when disputes, but some drivers personal desires mischief, they were afraid of their own illegal was found to affect the privacy of passengers that matter, do not want to install the camera. Therefore, there may be more to remove the camera hidden secrets. Taxi to install surveillance cameras, this is a good thing, the result was demolished down to the camera, so that good people into a questioning voice.[advantage] camera wireless transmitter and receiver camera wireless transmitter and receiver uchar nrf_speed = 0; sensitive camera unique shape Metro Series
Touch Screen Type camera wireless transmitter and receiver

"Serving the country, Hunger breeds." food is human survival and development of the basic material conditions,home cctv systems, but also national security, basic material security and social development. Healthy, balanced diet is essential to human health factors, inadequate diet is considered the root cause of health problems make. Since the reform and opening up, along with the sustained rapid economic growth, China's "subsistence" The problem has been basically solved, and how to ensure the "tongue" of security, has become an issue of common concern to the community. camera wireless transmitter and receiver Espanol
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The equivalent of twenty French so big. I want to buy of course is not such a big place, Russia can not sell,toms sko p? nett, I said Siberia, especially in Mongolia in the northwest side of the "Novosibirsk", that is outside the UVs province and Bayan olgii Province, there is the beginning of this century occurred meteorites hit points, covering an area of five hundred thousand square kilometers of barren. Become a wilderness, has been Russia to abandon the use of nearly a hundred years. Novosibirsk in addition to barren, what are not, even want to live here, harsh natural environment, also can let the normal people all beat a retreat, therefore, even the guards in Russia are not sent, allow it to barren. But if we obtain the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva glass bottle spunk, in addition to the UVs province back outside. Then the Novosibirsk to restore vitality, and that is how the great achievements! In Mongolia area of one million five hundred and sixty thousand square kilometers, plus five hundred thousand square kilometres of land area, all of a sudden increase of 1/4, so exciting dream, today is me out. No wonder the folks in Mongolia beauty with enough to burn all the passions, staring at me. "But...... Russia they sell?" Xiaoqing trembling,michael kors h?ndvesker, her mood as excited. But her mind always many. "This thing let me think of a way, when they are selling to sell, not sell well sell." My firm road. "You wait to accept the land!" Brother linger minimum, but also the most easily moved, her eyes were tears blurred, "why so good for us?" I smiled, "silly girl, I want to marry in Mongolia so many size beauty, give your people a big gift and should be!" "Toot toot......" Mongolia daughters without exception shed excited tears, moved to cry out loud. Is linger and Mo Jing two little girl. But her beauty or where not to, tears are not live down along the orbital surface flow. Full of incense in and Chanel also heard excited. A man can make such a big cause to their women, how exciting? Moreover, this man is also their man! They were proud of me! "Well, what cry cry? This is delighted to thing ah!" I lifted the cup, "come, for the sake of our success, previously a toast!" "Dry daughters have stood up, the glass heavily met together, called a source of happiness and joy, passing between us...... Soft them, all to the Qin house front yard, there will soon be a meeting,toms dame, to participate in addition to speaker, Prime Minister and President, the rest of the Mongolia of all senior officials and powerful people. Qin Na and Moran joint strength is already the Mongolia first, then by virtue of the times of crisis when the vast big contribution, they have these countries members of the upper class of convening qualifications at home. They went out, I was with Chanel they came together in the yard, swing, swing hide map, and began gathering up everyone's ideas. I, Chanel and Feng Chen three people,christian louboutin pumps, a little also not is what, now let full of incense in them also to think about, what might have found. In fact, I think this is a very wise,michael kors selma, started also paid no attention to linger, see hide map, light "Yi" 1, grabbed his hide map, carefully look up.Recent Artcle
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Aber,nike sko salg, wenn sie in der nhe von 100.000 volt 南
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